Young Ace Deuce is from Harlem NYC. Ace has always been in love with music since a kid. As he got older, he went to a session at Sony music studios in 2003 and knew that’s what he wanted to do in life. “Pain” is the recently released track by this talented soul to all the audience out there.

Within each minute of music, the sound is both manic and calm, gentle and heavy, progressing through the artist’s creative story-line with an attitude of hip hop and RnB. What adds to the intrigue of it a great deal is the presence of lyrics. The leading voice sampled throughout has a distinct level of passion and urgency, this is in both the performance and the words chosen to express these ideas. The vocal, on many occasions, addresses a certain other directly, amidst mildly descriptive imagery and a few key lines that surround you in a fairly hypnotic manner.

Listening through headphones, high quality speakers, or in the car, is the best way to get something real out of this. The intricate detail involved in the crafting of this music is phenomenal, and yet as a complete release the soundscape has this mesmerizing and beautiful atmosphere, so whatever it is that you choose to focus on, whether it’s the musical build up, or nothing but your own thoughts and feelings as you experience and react to it – the result is pretty hypnotic. 

You can always, always pinpoint when a producer has approached a release with creativity and passion, an unquenchable drive to craft and express something from scratch, than when they are simply looking to make the beats that bring the audiences in. Young Ace Deuce’s work is deeply creative, undeniably human in its emotional elements, yet mind-bendingly electronic and otherworldly when you really pay attention. On top of this, it’s music that you can unquestionably escape to, and that pulls it into a multitude of other categories. An absolute dream to witness. Listen loud.

The latter half of the track features the ultimate meeting of every element from the build up; the vocals, those passionate, powerful moments of melody, the thickness of the beat, the intensity of the synths and surrounding sounds. The atmospheric energy of it is beautiful, yet the pace and evolution is something much more.

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