The Irish producer and composer ReHumanise is back with a new song, “You love Wake,” which is infused with elements of traditional Indian music while also infusing contemporary influences. This track is poised to make ripples in the music industry, and it demonstrates the variety of ReHumanise’s musical style.

Damian Brady, an Irish producer, and composer is the creative force behind ReHumanise. Damian is a multi-instrumentalist who wrote, played, recorded, and mixed his album from his bedroom while under lockdown. Rehumanise’s sound is a synthesis of World Music, Electronica, Folk, and Choral Vocals. Western genres, including shamanic music, kirtan chanting, ancient Indian music, and West African rhythms, have influenced this music.

In the year 2020, ReHumanise was formed in Ireland. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. His recent work is influenced by Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and The Smiths, but he also creates a blend of world music and electronic music using instruments from all over the world.

Damian Brady, a producer, and co-writer had a Top 5 success in Ireland in 2017. Since  September 2020, he intends to keep releasing new music on a regular basis in the future. After the globe has been reopened, ReHumanise plans to go on tour.

The performances throughout “You Love Wake” are wonderfully unique in progression and presentation, meeting the originality of the compositions to transcend the moment and indeed the listener in an amazingly lasting manner. 

Even when only the music serves as a guide, the adaptability and diversity are outstanding for the most part.

The tale of the composition is told through the music’s unpredictable melodies and vocal fragments. “You Love Wake” is an almost five-minute epic with a minimalistic setup but dramatic progressions, intensity periods, and contrasting feelings. The performances cast a light on each scene of the storyline.

ReHumanise follows the musical progression in such an effortless and wave-like manner that it exhibits a fine ear for creative compositions, a solid capacity to convey a musical journey’s shifting intensity levels and emotions, and a clear sense of artistic identity.

Listeners are likely to return to “You Love Wake” again and again because of the song’s timeless and recognized character.

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