A quickly infectious reggae crossover that’s as catchy as it is enjoyable – this new single from Mr.C offers precisely the right kind of color and bounce required to lift the mood of this lock-down. 

Written as an ode to exactly what the title implies, “You C Me” tackles explains himself as an artist. The concept is fairly relatable, though it’s the natural bounce of the music, and the likable vocal tone and easy-going melody, that are the quickest to connect. The song is well-written, simple and it’s minimalist in many ways. This track is far from complex in set-up, but it stands tall on the strength of its arrangement. 

Mr.C was born and raised in Houston TX, and currently resides in Miami FL. he started his musical journey when he was 3 or 4 years old. By the time he was 11, he knew one day he wanted to be a musician who makes people happy. So he started writing his own music and freestyling. His passion and experience over the years have made him a recognizable artist in the groove today. 

This amazing and talented artist has performed in many prestigious concerts across the states, including opening for Bun B Trill OG of UGK and Paul Wall. Via BossMade Recordz he has released his previous projects which include singles and albums. “I Got Tha Bluez”, which is thoroughly tinged with an old-school soul and reggae feel made him an artist who is loved by the majority of reggae fans who love his refreshing style and the vibe he brings with his music. A great single, easy to love – that heavy bass-line adds a whole other layer of ambient approval. Well worth a few spins this summer. 

Check this piece of work and let the tunes sink to your heart as well. Follow Mr.C and you all can see and enjoy his future work.

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