Introducing a decidedly unique approach to classical music, Ekklesia Cry offers up You Alone– a full-length album of original scores that takes audiences through a series of emotions and moods.

Ekklesia Cry is a versatile artist from the USA. By Having a passion for worship, Ekklesia Cry’s goal is to give quality, soaking, biblically founded music that listeners can kick back and listen to over and over again. Mostly, she sings Christian.

As things build, the arrangement grows fuller – the drop hits, and the singer’s primary voice adapts brilliantly to this fervent evolution. The song seems to fall somewhere among classical and alternative pop – growing heftier in the heat of the moment, as the concept spreads its peak, yet leading the way firstly with that genuine frailty and its spacious, captivating nature.

The mood seems to move from confidence in those first piano notes to gloom with those lyrics and that falling melody. Succeeding this, a world of emotional turmoil meets with one of longing – offering up this ever-changing, half optimistic, half dismayed aura. Again, the music and the show, the lyrics, the structure – everything works excellently as a unit to represent and emphasize these conflicting sentiments throughout.

While the song follows its own rules, the sound is professionally crisp and musically satisfying for the most part. The peg melody – the moment at which that key line is repeated – hits with the impact of a mainstream release for its simple familiarity and how quickly accessible it is. All in all, the writing allows Ekklesia Cry to showcase her originality. Without losing that reach required to draw in a much wider audience. It’s a beautiful song, powerful and perfectly well captured to let that strength really stand tall.


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