Intriguing vintage and industrial sound design meet the weight and presence of nostalgic dance – Crossedeyes creates a realm of beautifully conceptual appeal and addictive rhythms.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Crossedeyes, aka Dirk, is a dance/electronic music producer. His sound can range from progressive to house and trance or even dubstep while maintaining a clean groove throughout the composition.

Yeah Yeah (take me higher) is the latest song from Crossedeyes and is an infectious, feel-good dance track that puts a smile on your face. A good song to wake up to and lift your mood.

The soundscape is a reminiscence of the retro dance school with a modern twist as if it were played off an iPod boombox. Overall, this works in favor of Dirk as he creates a vintage, nostalgic feel combined with cutting-edge production elements.

Yeah Yeah (take me higher) features warm organic pads, vintage bass synths, and an infectious vocal. The rhythm section has a unique groove that is very well done. The synth lead morphs several times throughout the track to create different layers.

Yeah Yeah (take me higher) is a nice little dance tune with deep grooves and vibes. The track is very well produced with great attention to detail. And the vocals are top-notch!

Brilliantly original, musically brave, somewhat experimental, but never goes beyond the comfort zone of a fan of classical and modern electronic music. Professionalism and enthusiasm go hand in hand, yielding decidedly unique and enthralling outcomes.

He has definitely hit the nail on the head with this one, and we hope to hear more.

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