On his latest track, “Yasuke,” FahtMike takes the lead with his own unique flair. The casual marriage of melody and rap can be heard right away, and even his tone of voice conveys a laid-back, one-of-a-kind attitude to performance. Or, more accurately, it demonstrates a pure and unabashed passion for artistic expression and this particular type of music.

FahtMike is a Livermore, California-based aspiring rap artist-songwriter with a varied style, recognized vocals, and an authentic delivery compared to Babyface Ray, Daboii, and Offset Jim. He crafts his music from a very honest and personal standpoint, generating fascinating stories and relatable but hilarious punchlines while bringing his music to life on stage.

E40, Jay-Z, Playboi Carti, and 50 Cent have all served as sources of inspiration for him. Thizzler, Elevator, and Nor-Cal Next Up have all featured FahtMike on their blogs. His debut single, ‘Prancing,’ released on May 1st, 2019, marked the commencement of the F.A.H/N.H.N (Fuck Ah’ Handout/No Handout Needed) movement. Since then, the movement has continued unabated. FahtMike is available on all platforms.

“Yasuke” begins with its sound design, as well as the evident passion and precision of the bars. The tune captivates the listener’s attention right away. With each passing measure, the energy and unrelenting outpouring grow more fascinating before the music takes a turn for the unexpected in terms of melody and strength in the middle section.

The tune emphasizes contrast with its combination of solid raps and delicate melodies. Powerful bass and trap-style beat contrast with the vocal melody, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Musically, it’s a simple delight to listen to this track — it’s the perfect way to start your day in nearly any environment. Above all, a steady stream of clever rap–conscious ideas and self-assurance intermingled, a new sounding voice to connect with and relate to, a new sounding voice to communicate with.

When you listen to the music, you can tell the musician knows what he’s doing without him having to shout about it or incorporate extra weirdness in his soundscapes to attract attention from a distance. 

“Yasuke” is basically straightforward, enjoyable music that has a certain level of sophistication and, as a result, a sense of newness about it. It’s well worth your time to hear the whole thing.

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