Prepare to embark on an introspective journey as Xodarap, also known as Paradox, mesmerizes the world with his latest masterpiece, “This Time.” The New England-based emcee unveils a lyrical paradox, skillfully playing with words that work both ways, reflecting the intricate duality of human nature, the yin and yang, and the essence of Gemini. Born Cody Wayne Connell, the artist’s evolution from Concord NH to Leominster Massachusetts brings a wealth of experiences that have shaped his unique artistry.

Xodarap’s distinct style blends raw emotion with razor-sharp wordplay, creating an enigmatic soundscape that captivates listeners from start to finish. Having collaborated with notable names in the underground music scene, Xodarap has honed his craft to perfection, earning a reputation for thought-provoking and evocative verses.

“This Time” is a soul-stirring testament to Xodarap’s solo journey, setting the stage for his highly anticipated major platform album release. As he paves his way into the spotlight, the world awaits to witness the paradoxical genius of Xodarap.

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