The cover of “Would?” is crisp and powerful, kicking off TEMPERATURE FALLS’ latest composition in stunningly confident style: elements of Trip hop and alternative genres mashing and meshing together to produce something more significant than the sum of its parts.

Temperature Falls is a Norwegian Indietronica/alternative duo based in Oslo. Over the years, the team has amassed a devoted fan base and garnered valued backing from the Spotify editorial staff.

The sound of Temperature Falls ranges from silky-smooth, rich psychedelic soundscapes with a strong dose of Trip-Hop to aggressive and boisterous alternative rock, distorted to perfection and merging irresistible riffs and hooks for genre-defying effects. Camilla’s vocals are light and insightful, exploring love and anguish with a simple and unique style.

They take pride in their unwavering artistic views, which are always authentic. Temperature Falls has amassed a devoted following since the publication of their debut album, and they are making big inroads into the music industry.

They secured a publishing deal with FBP Music Group in 2020. In 2021, the duo released a run of singles and aimed to release their fourth album in 2022, pushing the boundaries of their sound even further.

The song begins with a classic beat that is easy enough to relate to but beautifully produced, with care, to swiftly inspire you to crank things up and tune out from the world, and then ventures alternatively into nostalgic trip-hop.

The Norwegian duo TEMPERATURE FALLS both surprises and engages listeners with this cover song. The pleasant vibrations and genre-fusion that oozes through as “Would?” gets things off superbly.

A perfect and polished soundtrack produces a trip-hop-like mood, a tranquil moment of escapism, and a great and calming groove. Along with this, the lead singer’s ostensibly free-style vocal melody meanders between the layers, delivering personal insight and contemporary references that frequently sound well-rooted in modern trip-hop.

TEMPERATURE FALLS a duo you can count on for creative expression and joyful music escape in a variety of genres. A brief browse through any streaming platform can reveal a world of incredible creativity and ambiance. The “Would?” cover is a great place to start if you’re a novice.

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