This classic alternative from A 26-year-old music engineer by professor and an aspiring producer/rapper originated from India and is currently based in the Bay Area, “VxT” combines the simplicity of RnB kissed hip hop with the vast creativity of a creatively free modern sound on “Worth.”

The tune establishes the artist as honest, thoughtful, and definitely on the level of music today and the modern sound of the mainstream hip hop and RnB realms, expertly blending an informative and revealing story-telling style alongside contemporary references and appealing vibes.

“VxT” keeps things hypnotic and straightforward on this tune, leading with clarity of voice amidst a decidedly dreamy background — the lyrics stay modest. Nonetheless, the voice dominates, with a delicate, breathy delivery that is rhythmically appealing by nature.

Blending catchy tones with tuneful, meandering RnB progressions, resulting in an ultimately creative aura that stylishly walks the line between engaging vibes and hip hop, the single moves to the beat of its own drum; and it reaps the benefits of that throughout.

Things keep moving forward in a lively, stimulating, spacious, and creative manner along this colorful, energizing, significant, and artistic track. Consider the product detail and musicality, mixed with the depth of concept and a new perspective on the implicit sentiments that is “Worth”– an alternative song for both those who know and those who desire to learn more.

The entire thing has a simple, relaxing vibe. Not relying on idiosyncrasies or volumes to attract attention, but instead riding the natural energy of the groove and ensuring that the vocal and general arrangement stay close to this warm, colorful, and magnetic core.

“VxT” is a classic hymn of emotional depth and literary intensity, employing melodic simplicity while the vocals entice you in, and the whole thing inspires and softly motivates you once more. Another gem, beautifully created – admittedly from an artist who refuses to lower the bar throughout.

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