This brand new track “Work Of Art” by USA-based artist ShaqO Being makes for a sublime listening experience, particularly when played at volume, through noise-canceling headphones – perhaps as part of a long journey. It’s a beautifully intense few minutes when you let it be just you and the music. ShaqO is an upcoming artist from the Los Angeles area and from his younger ages he always wanted to become a great musician and he knows how to bring something good to all the audience out there.

The track appears as much more of a soundscape than a song, especially in terms of structure. The music is gentle but intense; it builds, without getting noisy. The story unfolds, the great music of it soaks into you, the hypnotic looping of those instruments and that relaxed, awesome, almost amazing rap vocal performance makes for a mind-altering few minutes.

This whole thing is well structured and has the kick and bounce of any great Hip Hop tracks, but what’s more is that it expresses this sentiment in an almost Rap sort of way, which is great to listen to. You can hear the unique vibe, flow, and amazing melody along with awesome tunes all over the track, and “Work Of Art” will definitely change your mood in a positive way for sure.

This track is an incredibly intense piece of music, flawlessly designed, with a final polish and shine that leaves nothing else whatsoever to be desired. There’s a definite realness to the songwriting style, and the performance for that matter, and this is where that ‘authentic’ feeling comes from. There’s an honesty behind the music as well. Listen loud.

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