Mad Skulls Poetry leads with a brilliantly expressive and characterful vocal on this, new single Word. It is a totally unusual and subsequently fascinating song that sees Mad Skull’s Poetry pour his honest perspective into the process in a raspy and sleepy fashion. Meanwhile, these distorted riffs and a light drum-line linger in the backdrop, not creating the weight of rock initially, but instead – leaving plenty of space in order that this voice and these words stand as tall as possible. 

Mad Skulls Poetry is a talented metal band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Their music got the right energy and the vibe of a perfect metal band. You can feel the passion in their performance which makes every metal fan love them more. You will unite and be one with them if you listen to it carefully because the message it carries is loud and strong. nowhere will you find musical replicas or anything in-genuine?

On the contrary, the band sticks to their creative guns at all times. That voice drives through their ideas and the poetic wonderings on life and the world in a mighty way. This is definitely one of the freshest and original sounding bands to emerge in recent years. If you are a metal fan it’s a must-listen for you.

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