Warner Music Group is getting its game on.

The major music company joins forces with Hello There Games, the Sweden-based game studio for the release of Invector: Rhythm Galaxy, a rhythm game soundtracked by 40 chart hits from the likes of PinkPantheress, Duran Duran, Charli XCX and others.

Slated to drop July 14, initially on PC, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy marks WMG’s first leap into games publishing.

This venture into gaming “showcases our commitment to reimagining the boundaries of music and how it is defined by artists and fans alike within our evolving ecosystem,” comments Oana Ruxandra, WMG’s chief digital officer and executive VP, business development.

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy is said to intertwine “the power of music with the interaction of gaming to build active, immersive experiences for fans and new revenue streams for WMG’s artists.”

Gaming and music are generations-long buddies. During the presentation of the IFPI’s Global Music Report in March of this year, WMG’s Simon Robson, president, international, Recorded Music, noted the industry has “done a great job looking at opportunities in fitness and the games sectors.”

WMG has worked with Peloton and invested in Web3 companies, including Roblox, and sees the alliance with Hello There Games as one that also plays in the music discovery space for gamers.

Hello There Games co-developed the Avicii Invector with the late Swedish EDM star, a game that features the tunes “What Would I Change It To,” “Pure Grinding,” “You Be Love” and more, and was originally built for the PS4.

Adds Oskar Eklund, CEO and founder of Hello There Games, “our unwavering passion for music and gaming fuels our drive. Many of our team members are talented musicians themselves.” Eklund continues, “We are so excited to bring this game to the next level with Warner Music Group and their amazing artists. We can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic of Invector: Rhythm Galaxy firsthand.”

Watch the trailer below.

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