On this latest release, “Winters Wonderland,” Asthmatic drives with absolute confidence and evident love for music. This seasonal composition comes with a mildly hopeful soundtrack, relaxing and partially organic, influenced by hip hop’s gentler side – those peaceful vibes – rather than a heavier and harder-hitting style.

Having hard work or talent is challenging to discover in an artist, but having both is exceptionally unusual. Stevie Wonder, N.W.A, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur were inspirations for Asthmatic’s music career. When he was younger, he would set aside time to listen to and watch each musician interview and perform on stage so that he could mimic what they did while adding his own spin.

Whether it’s conversing with D.J. Yella from N.W.A in 1986, or traveling to the twenty-first century and performing for Beyonce’s father Dr. Mathew Knowles, Asthmatic has met and received advice from many idols and predecessors that helped alter the music industry to what it is now.

The tone of Asthmatic’s voice and his relaxed yet rhythmic performance style is ideally suited to this type of musical atmosphere. There’s a lot of personality in this track, and it sounds fantastic. It’s an immersive and reliable listen for anyone looking for a classic, easy-going hip-hop hit with a bit of depth to it.

In as much as Asthmatic drives with an ever more intended style of lyricism as the track progresses, he impresses far more during the latter half of the song thanks to clever wordplay and having found his flow and purpose undoubtedly with this track.

Upon this, the vocal evolves on a more recognizable and distinct form, effectively paying tribute to the mainstream sound of today’s hip-hop environment while remaining original.

In spite of this, the beat keeps things fresh, and the instrumentation that washes over you as the song proceeds does an excellent job of instilling a festive atmosphere while also providing a welcome contrast to the rhythm and outspoken character of the vocalist.

“Winters Wonderland,” Asthmatic’s seasonal offering, is an easy-going exploration of current hip hop that is firmly entrenched in the natural sound and flow of the genre. 

Those who love laid-back attitudes and creative flexibility will find this song to be a breeze to enjoy.

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