For his latest single, “Winter to Early Spring,” Virginia’s Rise-Ascend combines his unique vocal style with powerful music with a message and brilliant rhymes amidst a wonderfully dreamy, equally impressive environment, rekindling the fire of original hip hop, replete with clarity and story-telling.

“Winter to Early Spring” effortlessly builds a quiet and thoughtful attitude by introducing a vintage hip hop beat with a trendy warmth in the distant development and aptly down-pouring melodies from the producer. And Rise-Ascend’s voice is instantly enthralling, striking with an undeniable humility or a modest but seductive assurance.

The bars of Rise-Ascend impress and retain attention nicely while maintaining a personal and honest attitude. Every bar drags you in further, but the tune still feels like a current hip hop smash from afar, efficiently meeting the mark and sound of the present scene.

The track also presents the features in a similarly impressive and immersive fashion, showcasing the best of Rise-Ascend’s innate abilities as an artist. The verses grab your attention right away with their unflinching reality and grit — no apologies, this is the truth, the story, complete with determination and appreciation in equal measure. With natural confidence and spirit, the hook resolves and completes the process.

Rise-Ascend puts on a show full of passion and calm confidence, openly discussing how to create the proper mood, dream big, and stay focused. The track’s general groove and positive energy help to strengthen that feeling and pass it on to the listener.

From aesthetic production, a simple beat, and minor outer-layer subtleties that keep things fresh, to the vocal richness and clever wordplay for the verses, to a smooth and fulfilling vocal feature for the hook, “Winter to Early Spring” sounds like a surefire success right now.

This song, which combines the weight of hip hop with the brightness and multi-colored optimism of the soundtrack, is one we should expect to hear a lot of in the coming weeks.

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