The lyrics make you want to travel, discover the world, live life to the fullest even though you’re here. The artist’s uprightness is fascinating.

Craig Irby Jr is a versatile musician based in Chicago. He is a popping artist in Chicago who predominantly sings Hip-Hop and Rap.

The tracks rooted in this smoking hot release showcase the highest level of lyricism and musicality in a beautiful, relevant way. Winnin showcases a gifted vocalist and rapper with a sole natural voice. The track itself takes a slight bit from the classic r&b sound, the mellow vibe, jazz-tinted inspiration and fuses it with an amazingly energetic rap performance.

The laid-back and sedative sound of the musical framework contrasts significantly with the high energy of the rap-singing. Likewise, the chorus, or hook section, attractively and elegantly sung, also has a very easy-going and chilled-out environment. The entire track tosses out a few different ideas, and the energy shifts several times during just a few minutes. The structure of the piece as well is most unusual.

The character or personality that is so regularly evident in the vocal performance is vastly attractive. There’s a uniqueness of the voice, the tone, the accents, and the general expression and presentation of words, which has excellent value. There’s a fair amount of clever wordplay and a very assertive and diverse lyricism show when you listen closely. Plus, the vocal melody, the hook gets inside your mind, and it’s a pleasure to get caught.

You can listen to Winnin on Spotify

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