This is a totally impressive and easy to get into the track from Yanni Cassanova . The single Win”introduces the sound superbly – the feature from Raskality fits the mood and movement of it all beautifully and is worth the time it takes to experience it.

Win” offers up a classic and somewhat vintage Reggae dancehall vibe that isn’t often utilized in modern approaches to the genre. The aura is upbeat, hopeful, contrasting thickness with lightness – fusing the electronic world with that which is much more organic. From the offset, the soundscape is delicate and cleverly built – the initial space, the distant spoken word – then the beat smashes onto the scene, accompanied by an immensely rhythmic and captivating leading voice. The flow is on point, seeming like another instrument; a fully connected piece of the puzzle. Perhaps more importantly though, if the good energy and smooth beat isn’t enough, the lyrics offer up a string of optimistic and inspiring ideas. The track breathes positivity into your day. Everyone involved works towards this same goal, and it makes for something completely refreshing and massively addictive to listen to.

Win” is a pretty fitting place to start for listeners who are new to his work. The Reggae dancehall flow feeds off of the energy of the music, so when the beat gets big – the leading voice follows suit. Yanni Cassanova ’s understanding of structure and his awareness of how elements connect within any piece of music leads to something that feels united and confident; a necessary pairing for any Reggae dancehall release.

In terms of that sense of character, the Reggae dancehall flow and performance style has a touch of influence or familiarity about it, but not massively so. The tone of voice, the way the words interlink and pour out in a fairly smooth and laid back manner, it all adds to what is a fairly individual sound. For the most part, despite the structural changes, this track feels like it was built around a free-style. Most raps are of course, but this seems to consistently follow that route – everything except the hook pours out with freedom and a lack of concern regarding reception or the opinions of anyone else.

The vibe of this track makes perfect sense as a follow-up to what came before. Yanni Cassanova  consistently brings together elements known to be working well in hip hop and Reggae dancehall now. At the same time though, the more of his work you hear, the more that sense of character comes through, and there’s plenty of space to get even closer to the mind and insight of the writer still. The beat here works really well in laying the foundation for the lyrical outpouring that is gradually presented.

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