Nothing like the piano song you might expect from “mellownightz”. Whimsical Gale” storms into your life with the spark and style of any great instrumental music. The song has so much going for it.

Instrumentally, the sound is big, stylish, and skillful. The musicianship throughout is pretty flawless, from the piano lines and the artist’s performance has a strength and confidence to it that carries that melody line superbly. A lot of good energy, and something that is likely to make for a wonderful live experience if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

The musicality of the song has a really light-hearted yet bouncy and hopeful sort of ambiance. The music seems to be a little inspired by the instrumental sound, a little influenced by pop as well – in the summertime sounding energy of that synth riff and rhythm. All in all these things make for an unusual type of song, but it sounds great, and mellownightz’s production has a smoothness to it – with just a little of that character indicating croak that makes it his sound, his vibe, recognizable and easy to listen to right the way through. 

Probably the most addictive thing about this track is, as mentioned, that hook – it’s not simply the words and the melody, it’s the rhythm of the line, the variation in what follows, and of course, the verse supporting it – these alternate sections offer a pleasantly mellow and calming contrast, which is hugely effective. The sound has hope, as does the music itself, and the artist’s performance is just about perfect for this kind of expression.

The track has a lot about it that is unexpected and fairly unpredictable. It’s a beautiful few minutes to experience, and it draws no blatant comparisons at any point. The enjoyment comes partly from the freshness, and partly from the undeniably skillful way in which the music has been crafted and controlled to set a very specific sort of vibe.

No single part holds all of the value – it’s not simply a melody or a hook that you take away from it. The whole thing works as one, in precisely the way that atmospheric music should. It lets your mind breathe for a while, rather than focusing on its mistakes and concerns. It provides a little respite from the real world, which is exactly what we love about great music.

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