Phillip Sandifer outperforms himself once more with his latest release, “WHERE LOVE GROWS WILDER,” a profoundly poetic, powerful, yet unmistakable song. The track begins with the heartfelt expression of that familiar, Americana-kissed vocal – brief bars, a rise, and fall that rapidly drags you in – and then moves into an engaging rhythm of instruments and beat, softly mesmerizing in movement.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Phillip Sandifer creates heartfelt story songs like “Turn This Ship Around” and “The Trouble With Guitars.” (“The Less Traveled Road”). Each sharply crafted narrative possesses boundless vitality. He recently wrote, “Someone Else” to collect donations for medical personnel’s protection equipment. “Writing a ten-song project amid all this madness was a must for me.” “It’s an exhalation,” Sandifer explains.

Sandifer may not be a household name, but you are familiar with his work. The Austin native works as a composer, recording artist, and occasional music producer and has collaborated with musicians such as Jennifer Warnes, Billy Crockett, Bob Bennett, and Michele Wagner.

However, most of his solo albums have been issued on Urgent Records (Sony/The Orchard), an independent label formed in 1984 by Sandifer, and, more recently, on Wider Sky Music (Sony/The Orchard).

American Driftwood is a collection of songs about real life, moderately political, but profoundly honest and sincere musically, with little regard for musical format or commercial expectations. All pieces are original. Among those taking part are some of the world’s top studio musicians!

“WHERE LOVE GROWS WILDER” offers the set-up of delicate, organic folk-meets-Americana, with a slightly gritty, dynamic delivery. The refined wisdom of both the human and the broadly inclusive in tackling the subject matter, with gorgeously unique vocals and an evocative lyrical backbone that enthralls and pleases all at once – thanks to considerate wording with a soothing melodic progression. 

Without a doubt, well-written – by Phillip Sandifer – verses that offer the long-form attraction of country story-telling and a great hook that unfolds and satisfies.

The composition is also refreshing, heavier than imagined, and all of this skillfully balances the brilliance of mainstream songwriting with a distinct edge of artistic freedom.

With this song, Phillip Sandifer really immerses himself in the occasion. That level of authenticity and purity, the desire to make songs and express feelings and ideas, is a unique and admirable attribute. Throughout this release, it glows with undeniable brilliance.

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