Fifa Castro’s awesome music has a unique freshness about it that makes for an incredible and pretty special listening experience. “What’s the type Genre?” is his freshly released track to all the audience out there with a great touch all over the track. The subject matter of the song is far from joyful, but the realness and emotion embedded within the lyrics simply add to the genuineness. It’s music to believe in, to relate to, and to turn up loud and enjoy. 

The music presents an ambient storyline, the details of which are explored through both the lyrics and the way the instrumentation and the effects collide and gather as the track progresses. The opening few moments introduce an awesome, confident, yet somewhat experimental piece of music, complete with distorted, indie anthem style mix riffs, and an equal measure of electronically driven, dreamlike samples and synths. Soon enough, Fifa Castro’s voice creates something completely new on top of what was already a pretty compelling and atmospheric piece of audio.

The music comes with a soothing vibe that soaks you in a wash of unity and oneness, as opposed to intermittently drawing your focus to the crisp and definite singular moments that make up the recording. It’s a refreshing work of art that pays tribute to some of the very classic trance releases from way back when. 

After listening to this awesome track even just once or twice, the sound of the song leaves its mark. Fifa Castro’s voice has a believable and likable aura, the music has a promising and refreshing fusion of the nostalgic and the now, and this particular song makes for a great introduction to the artist as well. Stay tuned with Fifa Castro to see much more awesome work in the future. 

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