Trapman Zay, is a producer creating those unbelievably hard-hitting beats that so often seem to have been lost or left behind in a cloud of memories. His sound is nostalgic and fresh all at once, reminding you of the thickness and vibrancy of a well-crafted, hip-hop soundscape. When you press play and let “What You Got” fill out the space around you – it takes over entirely. Trapman Zay is 21 years old, born in San Diego, moved to AZ THEN to Las Vegas NV during his high school years. After serving some years in the US navy he decided to make a change in his future to music arts before leaving the military and coming back home to pursue a new passion. The trap is very versatile with its music and brings a new mix between Trap Music and Hip Hop. Grouping up with his brothers Domo Rhakim (producer/Rapper) Knollege (Rapper) & CHAD (Rapper) joining The Breed Mafia makes the motivation and hunger 10x better and you will hear it in every record.

Throughout this single recording, the song meanders off and around you in a number of different ways. To listen from a distance is perhaps to assume this is the sound of a full band, a group of world music enthusiasts jamming together. In reality, everything you hear is Trapman Zay. He is, by all accounts, a one-man-band extraordinaire. He completely utilizes every moment with creative flair, emotional expression, color, beauty, and an unwavering sense of rhythm.

It’s a song written simply. The lyrics are catchy, easy to follow, and evoking. What You Got” is a song that would be indistinguishable from any song on this Summer’s Billboard top 100 – if it wasn’t so much better. An absolute hip-hop masterpiece, What You Got” pulls from the success of every great song before it. The hip hop rhythm, the bright melody, the beauty of young love, the summer sun so perfectly captured, the romance of running away together – everything about this song makes it perfect.

It’s slower than many Hip hop tracks currently making waves on the radio and on people’s playlists, but that’s what makes it stand out all the more. There’s a maturity to the song, both in terms of its lyricism and production, which allows the track to linger with a listener long after it has ended. With a soulful, hip-swaying rhythm, it’s also sure to impress and delight those who like losing themselves on a nightclub dance floor.

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