Pioneering a renaissance in West Coast Hip-Hop, dynamic duo Rossta Mac & Buss Da Husslah, both hailing from California, present their latest single ‘Not the Tooth’, now available for streaming on YouTube. The Fresno and Oakland based lyricists fuse powerful storytelling, uncompromising lyricism, and pulsating beats, crafting an intoxicating blend of West Coast Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap Rap, Melody Rap, and Party Rap.

‘Not the Tooth’ stands as an emblem of their audacious innovation and remarkable versatility, encapsulating their unique style that effortlessly oscillates between raw power and playful vibes. The track sets ablaze an electrifying narrative, rendering it an unmissable addition to any playlist.

Join the thrilling sonic journey of Rossta Mac & Buss Da Husslah as they redefine the future of Hip-Hop. Subscribe to their YouTube channel, share their magnetic tunes, and allow yourself to be swept up in the surge of their rhythmic revolution.

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