Addictively melodic, impossible to compare, and impressively consuming when played at volume, “WE WILL PRAISE YOUR NAME” is a fine example of supreme music production and composition united under the creative blanket of modern audio play. Lawrence Ejim is a well-talented, holy, and faithful soul and he is a Christian artist who loves to impress the audience, share the love from God by using Christian music.

It is a fact that not everyone can be a great Christian singer, Simply they need to have the trust, talent and most especially they should be able to talk to people’s hearts. When it comes to Lawrence Ejim, he knows how to sing in a heart-touching manner and share the righteous message to the beloved audience out there. 

Driving with clear intention, weight, and performative commitment to the moment, Lawrence Ejim’s WE WILL PRAISE YOUR NAME hits with the musical simplicity and vocal power and pace united.

As the nature of the music industry and the concept of the genre continue to shift, Lawrence Ejim recaptures the essence of what it means to WE WILL PRAISE YOUR NAME, utilizing intensely industrial rhythms with authentic vocals. The result is a trap-style contemporary vibe that prompts high-energy responses, even in its distortion-free, somewhat artistically minimalist state.

As the audience, we all can feel the rightful weight comes from the vocal tone, the sharp delivery, the varied flow, and the equally sharp, smart arrangement of the bars. Listen to this awesome track through the link below and stay tuned with Lawrence Ejim to witness more amazing work in the future.

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