Thomas Rybka who goes by the moniker of Sinatic is a Self-taught multi-talented musician, and producer who is at the fulcrum of an evolving pop and chill-out scene. Sinatic is a very different and uniquely wired musician who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of our perception with his deeply layered and well-crafted production as well. This is something really special, particularly for you  Electronic or Cyberpunk fans out there. The music on We Rockin’ has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative electronics, and on top of this,Sinatic as a performer and musician works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.

Instrumentally, the new song offers a slightly retro soundscape, a rhythmic and mellow, electronic ambiance, with a few key characteristics or details that step forwards every now and then – adding further color and keeping things interesting. Sinatic’s production on top of this carries the melody well and it reinforces the hook and the strength of the sentiment increases its effectiveness.

Throughout the three minutes long single, Sinatic exerts his artistic drive in a way that satisfies on a number of levels. First of all, the soundscape, the instrumentation – the music presents the perfect meeting between vintage, electronic, and something a little more cyberpunk. Secondly, the melody is stunning – the progression from the opening verse to the almighty power of the hook is on point. The hook is so simple, arranged in a classically appealing way yet performed with a touch of character, and recorded in an unexpected, exciting style when you witness the same. It’s effective because the video brings more sense to the track and you almost can sink into the soundscape with the videography. That kind of balance is rare.

The more you watch and listen to this, the more you’re likely to fall for the sound and the pictures. The music is so easy to get into, instantly calming as it begins to play. Sinatic truly has the faith and passionate intensity that makes it again easy to listen to but also demanding in a way, as if you just don’t want to risk missing out on the ideas. It all works beautifully, the touch of melody makes for a clever break in the structure, and this awareness of what works in composition continues from start to finish. You can sit back and relax to this, and if you choose to, you can pick out any moment and find something notably impressive, and most likely inspiring. 

Sinatic offers up an incredibly unique sound, though it’s one that will fit perfectly within so many different playlists. The music is sublime, the playing is clever, intricate yet not overly flashy, and far from noisy. The whole thing tells a unique story in some new and unexpected way, and this is the final piece of the puzzle. Absolutely worth a listen and download.

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