Wavy Westbrook and Lil Mackie collaborated to produce speedy and imaginative results for their latest release, “We Lit,” which was launched recently.

 Wavy entered the world of Hip Hop creating music at a young age. He is a crafty hip-hop artist and entertainer from Lancaster, PA, influenced by the style of music known as “TRAPSOUL.” Formerly known as YD, Wavy Westbrook changed his stage name to stand out and match his unique sound. He has opened for the likes of Cardi B, Lil Baby, Yfn Lucci, and many others. 

Wavy has also headlined his own shows. He credits artists like Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa as just a few of his influences. His sound and style of music are unpredictable, catchy, and captivating. Wavy currently has studio records with Gillie the kid, Cassidy, and Casanova. He is presently working on an EP and the release of several singles.

“We Lit” is a hip-hop anthem with a lot of energy and weight. Wavy Westbrook and Lil Mackie’s bold and consistently varied flow and presentation pour through to create a driving force that represents the song’s power and purpose as it explodes into the scene, artistically making its own way, doing it with grit and intention.

With a raw and live-sounding accordion riff as the single’s introduction, the track breathes new life into hip hop, advancing with an artistic style that integrates whatever musical components the artists consider appropriate.

Musically, “We Lit” has a strong beat, and the riffs have a slightly nostalgic vibe – the synths selected have a mildly classic look to them, while the vocal rhythm and references therein clearly tip their hats to today’s hip hop sound. 

The tune has a solid melodic backbone, which helps to make it more accessible, but it’s the rap confidence that propels it. It’s a straightforward release with a nice bounce.

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