Heavy electronic production meets with an equally heavy bass-line, beat, and vocal backbone for this industrial and intense new single from ReHumanise.

ReHumanise is an electronic rock artist from Ireland. He is a Multi-instrumentalist and Producer. Acts like Depeche Mode, Radiohead, The Smiths have inspired his current work, but he also makes a blend of world music and electronic music using instruments worldwide.

ReHumanise made “We Are Strong” with GRAMMY Winning mastering engineer James Auwarter.

Under ReHumanise’s real name Damian Brady he achieved a TOP 5 hit in Ireland in 2017 as a producer and Co-writer. “We Are Strong” is his 3rd solo release since Sept 2020, and he will continue to release brand new music regularly. 

The music of “We Are Strong” reminisces 90’s rock style, and the music flows on a mellow beat. The music is unique, offering something decidedly pure, loud, energetic, and of substance. We Are Strong is an authentic electronic rock song that can quench the thirst of rock song lovers.

Listen to We Are Strong on Spotify. Follow ReHumanise on Facebook and Instagram.

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