With this intelligently captured and unexpectedly progressive new single, “We Are Strong,” producer and artist ReHumanise makes a special audio realm for electronic music lovers to escape into.

ReHumanise was formed in Ireland in 2020. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer.. His present work is inspired by acts such as Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and The Smiths, but he also creates a blend of world music and electronic music using instruments from all over the world. “We Are Strong,” his next single, is about searching for something genuine and pure. Knowing that we are stronger in this person or situation. It is about encouraging one another to be the best versions of ourselves.  ” It’s been a genuine pleasure working with ReHumanise on his “We Are Strong” song,” according to GRAMMY  award-winning mastering engineer James Auwarter. ” It’s a fantastic song, and he’s incredibly talented.” As a producer and co-writer, he achieved a TOP 5 hit in Ireland in 2017 under his real name Damian Brady. This is his third solo release since September 2020, and he plans to continue releasing new music on a regular basis. ReHumanise intends to go on tour once the world has been reopened. “Music to me is Sonic Vibration to Heal the Soul!” he is quoted as saying.

This single-unit style is evident throughout the track. Each sample or sound is replaced by some other as the piece progresses, gradually but steadily gaining momentum while never simply complying with expectations or industry standards. There’s a clear sense of creative freedom throughout, which adds a welcome air of composition that’s far more uncommon in electronic music production – particularly dubstep.

Some lyric lines are rehashed, creating a hypnotic mantra feel, while other sections significantly expand on We Are Strong’s message. It gives the whole thing a wonderfully spontaneous feel, but there’s also a sense that it’s been thoroughly sweated over. It can be as enigmatic as you want!

The track “We Are Strong” is utterly individual, compelling, and worthy of listening time and discussion. Its merits are thought-provoking, visceral, and genuinely engaging.

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