Want U Here introduces a band of seasoned musicians and performers with their remarkable single that speaks volumes on behalf of unique style and artistic intention, bringing through the new STONE DIAMOND sound in a smooth, likable, and strong way.

Want U Here combines simple layers of organic music, from keys to bass to guitar and rhythm, with an expressive and initially lower-toned vocal lead and is accompanied by a crisp and clear set of images displaying the band at play against a grey backdrop. The whole event feels true, like a live performance, and shows solely the song’s natural goals – nothing showy or artificial, just wonderful music and a bunch of performers who are progressively lost in the moment.

STONE DIAMOND is a Cologne/Germany-based rock band formed during the lockdown. This brought the time to plan and create their next album with the best engineers, musicians, and studios in town. The album titled “Album No.5” is a celebration of love and change. The ten tracks on the album explore feelings of love, anxiety, change, and awakening. The band’s overall message is one of optimism and positivity. They hope that people will remember that, at the end of the day, all we need is love and health.

Lyrically, the song is both reflective and hopeful, as the title suggests. There’s a reality in the words, poetic honesty that often leads to an “the truth hurts” moment. The music has a similar reflective quality, with a feeling that we’re all in this together and the best is yet to come. 

Each artist takes the stoplight and effectively aims it towards some other subject or feeling concerning contemporary struggles from one stanza to the next. The structure is flawless, intriguing in its genre-blending, and always in sync with its own aims and level of purpose.

The song opens with a cascade of Rhodes chords, quickly setting an emotive and introspective tone. The lyrics come in over a simple guitar strum, with the vocal delivery being both vulnerable and emotive. The lyrics reflect on a relationship that’s far away and how the speaker is trying to keep his lover with him.

Overall, Want U Here is an emotional, laid-back rock song that effectively blends different genres and styles. The lyrics are honest and reflective, while the music creates a feeling of hope and togetherness. If you’re a fan of bands like Arcade Fire, then you’ll definitely enjoy STONE DIAMOND’s music.

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