Andre Rose and DHM Dre collaborated on a recent remix release titled “Waited my life for this,” which was well-planned. “Waited my life for this” is a catchy piece of music from the start. This smooth and enjoyably traditional, good-vibes-oriented hip-hop track exudes intense energy and optimism in a stylish, engaging manner.

Andre was born in Miami, FL, to Jamaican parents. From an early age, his household played various types of music, from reggae to blues. He had a near-death experience at two years old. He was nearly drowning in the family’s backyard pool. He pulled out the water unresponsive, resulting in two months of hospitalization, three weeks spent comatose. 

Doctors told his parents that he would live the remainder of his life with brain damage if he were to survive.  His father played a radio by Andre’s ear day and night, hoping to get a response when one day, he did. To this day, Andre says music is what saved his life.

During middle school, Jevon’s talent really emerged. He began by participating in rap battles and found himself through the school’s music and arts program. It was a way for Andre to express himself through a difficult time. Writing music and poems was an outlet for the repressed emotions he had at the time.

“Waited my life for this” gets things started on a high note — the music appeals for its humble, nostalgic atmosphere – and its precise level of sincerity right away.

The musical backgrounds remain in the foreground of the trip in the remix. The coupled vocals here have a little more oomph. The track has an anthem-like feel to it, almost live-sounding as you follow the shifting beats. Undoubtedly, a new facet of the artist emerges at this early stage.

The rap voices appear near, and personal, fast, and then small lines burst through one by one – almost like a call and response between the rappers and themselves, their ideas; they list the contents of the song and the emotions behind it in a captivating way.

Furthermore, the juxtaposition between these spoken word sections and the rising brightness of the hook allows the whole thing to hammer home truly.

If you’re tired of the repetitive nature of much modern hip hop, the remix “Waited my life for this” is certainly worth a listen.

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