This live version of original song Veronica Whirl” by “Shib Sen Chaudhury” makes for a great introduction to the artist, and to his overall musical strengths and direction. The fact that it’s live allows you to appreciate the abilities and creativity involved, as well as giving you an authentic insight as to what you can expect from a live show from “Shib Sen Chaudhury”.

It’s an absolute pleasure to discover an authentic, creative new western track that ticks all of the boxes that the former genre intended to back in the day. First and foremost, to witness it is much more of an experience than a simple listening session – at close to six minutes long, Veronica Whirl” allows you to embrace the full and euphoric effect of simply crafted to a categorically high level. This journey throughout presents you with something that is gentle, calming, yet equally uplifting and energizing. There aren’t too many genres that can achieve a balance between these two opposites, and there aren’t too many producers comprising fresh takes on it these days either.

From a songwriting perspective, the structure alone is superb, but on top of this – the song’s hook, this central line, the rhythm and melody of it, really leaves its mark on you as you listen. The repetition reaches the limit just perfectly, not over doing it, but presenting itself in a subtly memorable way so that you’re certain to walk away with it in your head. Shib Sen Chaudhury ’s voice comes through as fairly reverb soaked and slightly distorted, but it’s beautiful none-the-less – it’s a stunning performance, and the movement from the verse melody to the chorus really highlights this.

You also get to genuinely appreciate the story telling on this release, the progression from the verse to the hook, the detail to the expression, the wandering to the passionate outburst. It’s a hugely effective way to have crafted this particular song and it consistently underlines and entertains you with the sentiment and the plot, as it were, without ever seeming too personal or too far away from the average listener. The song has a certain accessible quality that is likely to make it a fairly unforgettable indie hit.

It’s a beautiful song, and as always – creatively and professionally composed – almost certainly though, the instrumentation is what allows this release to shine so brightly. The piece appears as a composition, a clever crafting of musical art, fusing lyricism and melody with brightness and a specific, passionate ear for what makes a truly captivating experience for an audience.

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