Veronica Whirl” is the upcoming single from artist and songwriter “Shib Sen Chaudhury “.Musically speaking, Veronica Whirl” is a beautiful ambient piece that sets a calming yet hopeful, uplifting mood. The beat is fairly mellow and the leading riff has a peaceful simplicity that welcomes you into the heart of the music; a space within which you can take on and truly believe these lyrics as if they were written directly for you.

Veronica Whirl”is a song that talks of the life of an artist and performer, detailing the live shows, the lifestyle, yet all as merely a side reference used to more effectively underline what the intent really is – this is an awesome song, and everything involved in the storytelling is there to highlight how much more important the writer’s significant other is, that all else pales in comparison.

Shib Sen Chaudhury ’s musical direction in general offers something of value as it’s precisely the kind of laid-back, approachable sound and character that people who are struggling may often be looking for. The song is well written and wonderfully performed, and the production has managed to capture that live sound yet finish it all off with a crisp studio warmth that allows you to play it anywhere, in any setting, as loudly as you deem necessary. Shib Sen Chaudhury ’s voice has a genuine, heartfelt tone – it’s an accessible sound, not claiming to be on some other plain to the listener, but rather, expressing as if this is precisely the kind of person they can relate to. 

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