Sweden’s hottest glam rock sensation, Velvet Insane, is back and ready to conquer the music scene with their highly anticipated third album, “High Heeled Monster.” Following the success of their critically acclaimed “Rock N Roll Glitter Suit,” the band returns with an eleven-track extravaganza that is set to ignite the stage.

Recorded and produced by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios, “High Heeled Monster” showcases Velvet Insane’s signature blend of stadium hits, powerful ballads, and high-energy rock ‘n’ roll. With infectious choruses that will linger in your mind and melodies that will make you stomp your feet, this album is a glam rock lover’s dream.

Prepare to surrender to the mesmerizing allure of Velvet Insane’s “High Heeled Monster” and immerse yourself in a world of glam rock brilliance.

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