Smooth production elevates the new release from rapper VSlime, blending amazing notes with a higher-placed riff and classic rhythm for a nostalgic yet clean vibe. VSlime is one of the greatest artists from EShore Maryland and “Unspoken Pain” is his recently released track for all the audience out there. 

The track itself is one that really gets better the more you listen to it. Once you’re locked in; once something has caught your attention, it’s not a song you’ll want to skip past at all. The music behind the vocal is of the utmost highest quality, first and foremost; that’s the production, the mix, the creativity, then on top of that you have these lyrics, and not even just lyrics – words alone have little impact, it’s the delivery that makes it matter in music – the performance of these lines and that hook is on point.

For artists who are just getting started, regardless of genre, one of the most important elements to have mastered and embedded in your approach is passion. VSlime exudes passion and drives with every word he performs, from the moment the music begins. What’s great about this particular track is that it has that passion, it has that optimism and that determination, but it also has this superb musical introduction – that oriental style riff really rattles around in your head, and so everything that follows essentially wraps this blanket of music around you further. It’s a simple thing, but hugely effective, and it fuses so well with the vocal style and the melody; the result is this somewhat dark-sounding yet stylish, slick, and highly motivated expression of thought.

We are pretty sure that “Unspoken Pain” will be your next favorite track and stay tuned with VSlime to witness more awesome tracks in the future as well.

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