As John R’s latest track UNIQUE hits the airwaves, crisp production and exotic rhythms combine to deliver a delightful burst of euphoric, invigorating EDM to the listeners.

The music has always been close to John R since a young age. The first time he got in touch with the actual production was August of 2018, with his single Sola. He is finally ready to debut in the industry

The usage of melody is unquestionably the most striking aspect of the track, which comes down to a diverse array of synths and samples. There is a House/trance feel to the rapidity of certain riffs, which adds a production that is entirely unexpected but incredibly fulfilling.

From the offset, the track grabs you by the shoulders and begins to loop magically in the way that only hardcore, perfectly tuned releases are capable of doing. This music evokes feelings while simultaneously offering something new and contemporary that will hopefully spark the flames of passion among EDM/House communities worldwide.

The tune immediately gains pace and progresses from good to fantastic in a matter of minutes, effectively providing the perfect anthem to usher in the summer months, as well as to remember the one and only John R.

Aside from the building blocks, this is a piece of lovely music — the outflow of melody and rhythm becomes progressively mesmerizing, filling the room with uplifting vitality and brightness. The artist John R develops his latest piece in a particularly dynamic approach, which is uncommon in the realms of experimental electronica or alternative dance music. 

Once you’ve settled into the beat here, the track’s progression becomes this all-encompassing adventure that aims (and succeeds in), bringing you both powerful escapism and vital inspiration.

According to all reports, the music is high intensity, which is why it’s the ideal choice to get you pumped up for the evening ahead. The theme lets you reflect; your body can pick up on whatever elements it wants to be based on the context and what you want to get out of the song.

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