Deeply passionate from the outset, DL BEATS PRODUCTION’s “UNE BOMBE ANTI ATOMIQUE” embraces the creative space with simplicity and purpose.

DL BEATS PRODUCTION is a beatmaker and sound engineer who generates ambiance based on his mood and day. He is excited to share his thoughts with the audience and hopes they will enjoy it. Some tracks are available for download, and he encourages you to do so and enjoy them; however, commercial use is prohibited.

The simplicity of style elevates the melody and unique concept of “UNE BOMBE ANTI ATOMIQUE” just enough so to let it stand out amidst the current emo and hip-hop drill /trap scene. DL BEATS PRODUCTION blends mood-setting and production qualities to solid results.

“UNE BOMBE ANTI ATOMIQUE” is structurally unusual for its journey from creative and soulful to raw and informational. It uses the current style – trap and emo rap tones – but weaves in a noticeably purposeful undertone that impresses its depth and honesty.

DL BEATS PRODUCTION exhibits the best of his abilities as a musician and artist throughout this instrumental, creating soundscapes that are aimed to lighten the weight of the world or bond with listeners for their overpowering musicality and purity of playing.

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