“Understood” makes for a quietly mighty introduction to the artist Shawny Monsta X FCFVENOM . This awesome track presents a delicate and dreamlike soundscape that offers a calming backdrop for the reflective, thoughtful lyricism and performance that rides alongside it.

Character matters, the sound of your voice matters, and your delivery as well, particularly in such an overflowing world of independent music. What you say is where the heart is, the realness, the power, but how you say it is a big part of what gets people to tune in or turn it up a little louder. These guys each offer a necessary level of personality, the differences between which are always clear, but at the same time – they bounce off of one another in a totally genuine way. 

In terms of the structure and style of the track, the opening melodic moments really offer something real and immediately intriguing – you warm to the sung vocal, the artist’s openness and ability to both sing and rap to a high standard create something totally free from expectation or concern. To open with the song’s hook and the leading artist’s voice in this setting, as well as to lay bare the underlying storyline or sentiment of the song, is a great way to get people listening intently.

Musically, the awesome effect on this track brings about a definitely characterful ambiance – even within the project, this is one of the more striking and industrially heavy compositions. It suits the angst and attitude of Shawny Monsta X FCFVENOM ’s performance and the high energy repetition of their delivery brilliantly.

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