Belgium’s Cry-O, a creative Music producer/composer with over five years of expertise in composing music and a lifetime of artistic interest to his name. He releases his latest Acid/ Techo composition of profoundly affecting and pleasantly revitalizing nature, “Unattainable Goals.”

Producer Cry-O builds a brief yet dramatic and immersive arena of sound with the tremendous new creative release “Unattainable Goals,” stylishly offering the immediate merger of genuine progression and enormously captivating synths and rhythms.

A mere genre classification cannot adequately express the experience. Sure, there’s a techno-style beat and an Acid layer of motion and energy, but with that comes a sequence of moments meticulously produced and tailored to intrigue and toy with the very environment around you.

Cry-O devotes his attention equally to visual art and electronic music creation, exhibiting the hypnotic qualities of immersive and intentional escapism on both counts, driving with a well-rooted blend of passion and skill.

The track demonstrates the strength of talent in both the unorthodox subtleties and the sheer weight and immersing energy of the drops.

“Unattainable Goals” begins with a precise level of identification to establish Cry-O’s own style, infusing a nice mix between experience and artistry. Like the musical selections, the melodies have a brilliant finish to them, and both feel genuinely unique amongst an otherwise cozy and engrossing rhythm and ambiance.

A composition you can put your trust in, to be enjoyed alone at first, perhaps with noise-canceling headphones, and then shared and experienced with others. Light and darkness are acting in tandem here, and it sounds lovely.

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