“middlenglish” not only offers audiences one of the most interesting and appealing artist names of recent years, but the artist’s unusual take on “Orchestral House” and electronic fusion makes for powerful and gripping audio and video experience.

The music comes with a soothing vibe that soaks you in a wash of unity and oneness, as opposed to intermittently drawing your focus to the crisp and definite singular moments that make up the recording. It’s a refreshing work of art that pays tribute to some of the very classic Orchestral House releases from way back when. Instrumentally the piece offers a characterful click-style beat that gives the whole thing a stamp of character. Elsewhere the production has been executed so as to reinforce that power-pop stance and emphasize the energy of the recording on the whole rather than drawing your focus to individual moments.

The track features a superb soundscape that carries the melody and the mood brilliantly, as well as offering an immediately memorable leading riff and creating a generally laid-back yet uplifting atmosphere. The track has been crafted, mixed, and mastered in a way that leaves everything crisp and clear, and captivating. You’re able to pick out these individual, unique moments of sound, but you’re also able to get completely lost in the overall art of the finished piece. No surprise really, considering the song was mixed in “middlenglish.”

This whole thing is, essentially, a five-minute explosion of great vibes and hopefulness. The optimism the soundscape inflicts upon you is infectious, and there’s more than enough room for that kind of knock-on effect in the world. As ever, the build-up is mesmerizing and all-encompassing, and the sound has been beautifully polished to allow you to truly stand back in awe and subsequently escape wholeheartedly into this world of audio.

Whatever genre or style you may wish to place each individual track of The middlenglish’s in, the fact is that musician’s music is the result of a clearly shared passion and love for music and entertainment. For a sound that is entirely instrumental, the artist has soared beyond the realm of lyricism and beyond the limits of what may be expected, and the result is a consistent string of songs that captivate and impress from the moment they begin to play. The only thing missing when you listen to their music is the artist’s very presence. A live show is an absolute must. 

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