Something beautifully fresh that we recently stumbled upon. Securely placed in our must-watch list for this year. Bianca Rosenthal is a well-talented artist who is from San Francisco. “Turned Around” is her freshly released track with a great vibe all over the track. This song is fantastic. A stunning anthem that surrounds you, lyrics that weave through your mind and wash out your pointless worries and irritations. This one stood out by a mile in the listening session.

Bianca Rosenthal is showing true artistry and vocal talent at the surprisingly young age of 11-years old. Her song titled “Alone” was penned at age 10 during shelter-in-place orders, and is a relatable reminder of how many of us felt at the time, and hits at the heart for capturing the feeling of loneliness that we all encounter at times. Bianca was able to make “Alone” and her latest release “Turned Around” the reality it is today through hard work and by taking virtual lessons for a vocal performance, composition, and electronic music production online. 

Even before you’ve read the background story, it’s a song that almost immediately captures your heart. Incredibly stunning imagery in the opening verses, beautifully played tunes, a fantastic product that allows you to really turn it up loud and be surrounded by the music, and a gorgeously powerful yet calming voice.

Her performance never falters, so the song remains powerful and effective from start to finish. She has that sound that gets you ready for the weekend or keeps you feeling pumped and energetic – just when you need it when you feel like giving up. Those essential vibes drive us to work harder, and play harder, too. A voice is more than worthy of this kind of epic musical undertone.

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