Asaiya and Stylesz North present an ultimately encouraging, uplifting “Turf” with dreamy production and modern rap rhythms, an immediately catchy tune, and a poetically lovely theme.

Asaiya and Stylesz North begin their ascent with confidence and presence as “Turf” hit the stage, building from calm beginnings to progressively inspired verses.

“Turf” is both an exciting hype track and a relaxing late-night rhythm that pulls people together at the proper time. This level of balance is astounding. Despite the self-assured attitude of the lyrics, the two performers lead with humble confidence, conquering the mike while being humble and not unduly loud.

The lyrics, too, contribute to this dynamic — there’s breezy confidence and equal grit in the bars, and yet we get the intensity of the raps and the iconic melody that follows.

The music reaches out in a new way, and the artist’s intensity, as well as a great feature from Stylesz North, injects a whole new level of brightness that raises things even further.

Musically uplifting from the start, “Turf” makes good use of organic musicality and melody alongside a lyrical outpouring that remains concentrated and compelling throughout, with a cleanly mixed, confident vocal that’s rhythmically appealing.

The sound is relevant, yet the talent is obvious. The words fascinate, impress, and Asaiya and Stylesz North effortlessly draw you in as both the artistry of the music and the explicit purpose of the delivery unite to produce pure and potent results.

“Turf” is a refreshing change of pace for the present rap scene. A continually uplifting, motivational, and brilliant listen.

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