Benni Blanka’s new and memorable approach to hip hop sets a high creative standard. The soundscape is undoubtedly the first thing to catch your attention — that chaotically vivid wash of synths and riffs is as inviting as it is strange and stunning. Furthermore, the artist’s main vocal blends melody with lyrics precisely rhythmic, resulting in a superb alternative style of music that flows as easily as RnB.

Superb composition allows the pure passion and perfection of this soulfully engaging leading voice to draw you in swiftly – Benni Blanka balances the power of contemporary hip hop with the timeless hug of RnB throughout a tremendous and passionate TRYNA FIND THE LOVE.

The song’s premise is quite apparent throughout; the primary thread is this plot – and whoever goes up to the mic rightly keeps to the topic at hand to help keep things relevant. TRYNA FIND THE LOVE delivers just what the title promises: a soothing R&B atmosphere to suit nights spent at home with a particular other.

Benni Blanka has given viewers classical hip hop music that is readily recognizable while still incorporating enough alternative vibes to create a pleasant aura — it seems relaxed back, authentic, and the soundscape and vocal style all work beautifully together.

With the peaceful ambiance of the majority of the tune, TRYNA FIND THE LOVE, the word flow, and pace that arrives in later hits with intense impact due to creating contrasting and considerably skillful delivery. Not only do the wonderfully rhythmic performances keep the atmosphere strong and you amused, but they also stay lyrically pertinent to a particular tale.

The track’s accompanying video gives listeners a clearer picture of who Benni Blanka is and what kind of energy he delivers to the hip-hop scene. The presentation is as relaxed as the music, with a sense of accessibility – it’s relatable, easy, and genuine.

TRYNA FIND THE LOVE is a lovely new song with extremely pure production and an outstanding performance again from a leading composer. I’m curious to see where Benni Blanka’s inventiveness leads him next on his trip.

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