Rossta Mac is a Rap Artist from Fresno Ca with raw gritty street lyrics and a unique sound.  With collaborations with well-known artists, Rossta Mac specializes in Boss, player, Hustler type of music. “Triple H” is one of the awesome tracks that he has released recently to all the audience out there with a great vibe. 

As a listener, I feel like I’m entering the artist’s own head-space, vast in idea while centralized in song. Pitched keys float in, almost ghost-like, and full of anticipation as the notes climb higher – a perfect lead in to the verse when the energy crashes in like a comet. The soundscape drops hard and fast, cementing the style alongside progressive rap mixed with futuristic Hip hop. The whole track is amazing, leaving the audience on the edge and salivating for more of this hip-hop vibe. The vocals are powerful, shining through the heavy mix like sunlight through space and highlighting the lyrical depth of the song.

As things progress, the soundscape evolves, a certain warmth starts to grow and the beat rises in intensity just slightly. What’s interesting though is that when the hook comes in – usually the moment things get big – the ambiance falls away, laying bare that simple line, that vocal delivery, in an intimate and very honest manner. This uncommon style of structuring adds further to the fact that this sound or style of songwriting and performance is inherently true to Rossta Mac’s artistry. It’s his song, his angle – the music and indeed the vocals pour through in a genuine and natural way. it’s an easy song to enjoy, and on top of this – it’s an easy song to recognize, and that’s been achieved without forcing something overly loud or attention-grabbing into the mix.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to discover music that is genuinely different and rooted in the here and now check out Rossta Mac’s”Triple H”, and more specifically. As is always the case,  Rossta Mac’s”  music never falls below par in terms of professionalism. In this case, there’s a creative balance highlighted between what’s fresh and what works more classically in terms of holding an audience’s attention. By all accounts, the track is laid back and easy to play for you – the overall vibe fits in with these summer months beautifully, and naturally. If you do choose to listen intently though, there’s something more of a story than may be expected as well.

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