Initially starts with mellow synths and slowly progressing until the vocals appear, TOP by Broot brings us a euphonious experience while keeping us calm and relaxed.

Broot is a recording artist based in Haverhill, Ma, and currently representing Rockingham/Hillsborough County. Broot’s been passionate about rap his entire life and always wanted to be a hip-hop artist. Broot put up several projects the past few years, but in 2020 began taking it seriously with complete mastering and production. Broot drops singles at least once a month.

Listeners tend to gravitate more towards the painful story-telling raps, but Broot’s impressively lyrical content keeps them around.

TOP starts with mellow synths that work as an infectious hook throughout the song, and you’ll not be able to put the tone out of your head even after the song finishes. Computerized beats that rest several times inside the song keep the rhythm of TOP. The infectious hook is highlighted by supporting computerized tones. Broot sings and raps in a strong and confident voice with flawless and straightforward lyrics.

Quite a song to listen to right now, TOP will quench your thirst on hearing rap music with its mind-blowing singing style.

Listen to TOP by Broot on Spotify. Follow Broot on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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