This gorgeous rap mix is sure to impress, presented by Crayton Administration Tv in partnership with the top 25 rappers from Austin, TX. Fast flows and rhymes are mixed with a multi-layered hip-hop background in this colorful, exciting new collaborative single, which is uniquely contemporary.

With this record, Crayton Administration Tv, in combination with Austin’s Top 25 rappers, surely provides a degree of inventiveness to the scene that is gradually becoming refreshing. The music takes its time to establish a mood with vocal theatre and elaborate sound design before transitioning into a genuinely remarkable hip hop and rap realm with a distinctively hefty, bass-driven soundtrack that is quite impressive.

Keeping things thematically relevant, easygoing yet confident, and stunning on times, the track’s intensity and sense of anticipation build and build – the instrumental and hook sliding in with exactly the appropriate level of seductive and engrossing rhythm to allow for authentic escapism. The whole thing begs you to turn the volume up and enjoy the many complexities of the soundscape while also immersing yourself in the excitement.

This music is an incredible highlight, combining all of the traits mentioned above into a highly catchy progression that begs you to repeat more than once to take in every bar. Blend in a light and breezy background for another fresh twist of originality, and this one closes the deal for one of the year’s most uplifting hip-hop records.

In terms of the vocal mix, the track is stylish and refreshingly uncluttered. While it pays tribute to the greats of hip hop history, it also offers a new personality and musical goal to the genre.

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