A gorgeously ambient and soulful electronic backdrop supports and enhances this latest single release from Yari Musiq. Bringing together the joy of 90’s music, the soulfulness of RnB, and the honesty of hip hop, Times Not Wasted is a track that lays out some calming good vibes and a heartfelt, deeply personal sentiment that connects for its realness. Together with James Gardin and Dj iRockJesus Yari has managed to give a special experience to the listener. 

James is a super talented cool dude from Lansing, Michigan, USA. He is the singer and the songwriter for this amazing track. Yari on the other side made the beat and handled the production side. He is from Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The collaboration between the two artists is super harder to work out but makes the song extra sweet. 

The song is influenced and beautified by the early 90s hip-hop era. A clean finish helps each building block shine as and when it should. The performances throughout help keep things moving, holding tight to your interest with varied voices and characters, stops and starts – creative awareness and structural strength. The music and the vocals work in unison to create this wave of warmth and positive energy as the track pours through.

The song represents this sentiment beautifully, in a realistic and accessible way, and that makes it all the more relevant and enjoyable right now. Though there’s a classically satisfying aura to the musicality, The Collab works well to add their own hit of individuality and freshness to the sound, and the result is an easy go-to that’s more than worthy of a few revisits. Hopefully, there’s plenty more music to come.

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