Mighty Ya’s new release, “Times Change, The Switch Up,” gets your attention right away with short lines, timeless vibes, and aesthetically captivating and visually engaging scenes.

Mighty Ya” is the result of the collaboration of one’s own writing skills and the talents of a reputable hip-hop artist who wishes to remain secret. The two of them have fused together to form an entirely new entity apart from the two of them, which they call “Mighty Ya.”

Times Change, The Switch Up” stands out for its increased confidence, as well as its anthem-like beat and vigor. Mighty Ya makes the most of the opportunity to perform and also has excitement, and it shows. 

As the song progresses, several periods of vocal force are cleverly matched with noticeably more contemplative and deep ones. Specific instances are quiet enough just to capture notice for their apparent wish to remain hidden, while others reach out with color and volume from afar.

A close-up and personal rap voice appear, almost whispered, then a series of short lines burst through, almost like a call and response between the rapper and himself. Mighty Ya outlines the details of the song “Times Change, The Switch Up”  and the emotional reactions behind it in a compelling way; he compellingly sings the song.

Mighty Ya’sTimes Change, The Switch Up” is a great new release that deserves to be explored in its entirety. In recent months, hip hop appears to have turned around, returning to its roots of simplicity and competence, authenticity, and quiet confidence – an excellent time to get back into the sheer energy of the genre.

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