As an immaculate songwriter and musician, GRANDO brings up yet another impeccable and immersive hymn, “Time,” superb musicianship allows the natural strength and force of the rock genre to hit with decisive effect.

After losing his wife during the pandemic, GRANDO had an immediate need to write about the universal human experience of what it feels like to lose your friend, partner, lover.  Ranging between Royal Blood and NIN, themes of love, loss, introspection, losing faith all play out in GRANDO’s song “Time,” which was mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys)

GRANDO injects a great degree of emotion into this warped yet mellow and melancholic new rock record, which is lyrically magnificent in its momentarily poetic and extensively human approach to the subject matter.

“Time” features a classic-rock feel that develops in a unique structural form, with numerous layers of warped guitar, chords, beats, and various modal scales.

The verses, in particular, are exceptionally vast, with the tune initially seeming like alt-rock before veering off into higher plains. It incorporates elements of different rock styles.

The thoughts and poetry of “Time” are driven by storytelling from the start — GRANDO’s that born-to-perform vocal line lends the song evident emotion and a catchy development to match.

Weave in the artist’s flawless musical build-up – guitars, drums, and classic rock intermingled with melodies and serious subject matter – and the entire thing rises and leaps into action as the hook takes hold.

Brilliant, and only the beginning — the single “Time” is absolutely worth discovering.

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