This is something really special, particularly for you hip hop or conscious rap fans out there. The music on Through My Eyes has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative Hip-hop, and on top of this, ItsChase as a performer and rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.

The further you get into this track, the better it sounds. The structure of it means that there are more than a couple of occasions on which you really appreciate the unpredictability, the sudden change in direction – the fitting freshness. The music begins in a Hip-hop-like manner, soon enough evolving into something softly caressing the edges of Rap music as well.

ItsChase has a certain sound and style that makes the track feel believable, it demands that you listen – this confidence and flow pulls you in, and once you’re involved, every lyric works hard to keep you there. In terms of the storyline, the whole thing gives off a feeling of not letting negativity or a bad lifestyle influence or affect you. The hardcore essence of street-style hip hop is alive and well, though it arrives here with something a little more inspiring, and it’s only if you choose to fully listen that you start to build more of an understanding of the artist and what he’s about.

The song has been superbly well crafted and we are pretty sure you all will love this piece of work once you listen to the same. Stay tuned with ItsChase to witness many more awesome tracks in near future.

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