Charming production and an authentic, reflective writing style lead to quiet thought for this new single Throne from GOLDSM1TH.

GOLDSM1TH is the professional name of Hip-hop artist Sander Smet. A multi-talented musician, the Belgium-based songwriter, producer, and rapper is making his international professional debut in 2021.

After this, the vocal grosses on more of a familiar and a tad less unique form, tipping its hat successfully to the famous sound of today’s hip-hop landscape. Still, the beat holds things renewed. The music that washes over you as it progresses works well to create a sense of peace and contrast with the vocal’s rhythm and outspoken personality.

GOLDSM1TH moves with an increasingly deliberate style of lyricism as the track headways, amazing far more during the latter half thanks to clever wordplay and finding his flow and purpose with this track. Throne’s hook rings louder now, painting a clearer picture of GOLDSM1TH as having as much of a grasp of allegory as of the whole modern sound and relevant referencing.

There’s a professional finish to the entire thing, and it pours through with equal parts dynamic and quick expertise – the hook relaxes in, as does the artist’s style. Musically, there’s a fair sum to raise the worth and splits this from most latest releases. The nimbleness is a big part of that, gears can be upbeat without falling heavy or pushing for insanely fast beats, and GOLDSM1TH is a performer who successfully pays honor to that.

The single Throne is an easy-going exploration of fashionable hip hop that’s well-rooted in the natural elegance and flow of the genre—an easy one to enjoy if you’re a fan of laid-back vibes and creative freedom.

Throne opens minds and holds attention all at once with its bars. 

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