RIDER’s song “THRILL” is a deeply confessional, self-reflective expression of sadness, regret, and opting for the easier, more numbing way of escaping certain situations or feelings. The music is beautifully emotional, the singer’s lyrics captivate in the way that only authentic and honest storytelling can, and his voice has the precisely powerful qualities that guarantee to charm and captivate.

Musically the track is beautiful, beginning with the simplicity of a riff, a mellow beat, and a smooth and mesmerizing leading vocal performance. It soon unfolds to reveal something of an R&B or rap sound, reminiscent in a way of bands and artists from the late nineties – the free-flowing, effortless vocal style, the calmness soaked in feeling. As leading vocals go, the sound is undeniably pure and real – the song comes from a place of experience and consideration, and this you can tell.

The riffs and various moments of repetition all make for a memorable and enjoyable listening experience; the mix has been brilliantly crafted, the structure of the song highlights the quiet and the loud with equal brightness, and the lyrics take something that is loaded with sadness and regret and undeniable humanity, and they share it with the audience in a completely relevant and accessible way. It’s a beautiful song, and an important, refreshing topic to underline.

Without a doubt THRILL” is a blissfully organic and emotional piece of music and writing – poetically and thoughtfully written, composed in a manner that consistently reflects the current sentiment or idea touched upon lyrically, and always overflowing with genuine passion as the vocalist presents each and every moment of melody.

The song’s subject matter is something that is increasingly important, particularly in an age when it seems as if we are more connected, more instantly available to others than ever, yet there is undoubtedly a lack of genuine communication in so many situations – and the results can be devastating. “THRILL” offers a heartfelt insight into this issue, from the deeply personal perspective of an artist who is all too familiar with it.

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