Heru the First Son’s “This Is War” is a stunning new hip-hop music with a tremendous sense of identity, combining a dreamy wash of synths with a heavy yet elegantly innovative beat and a rap vocal that reignites the original story-telling and passion of the genre.

Born in Queens, New York, reared in Brooklyn, New York. Heru is the epitome of pure, traditional Hip Hop. Heru, who now resides in Raleigh, NC, is on a quest to create a Hip Hop revival. Heru’s Hip Hop style is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Rap music, but with new vitality. He is a custodian of the classic techniques and traditions of the Art.

In many ways, it’s nostalgic for its simplicity in combining the industrial and raw backdrop with the beautifully recorded, persistent rap vocal. “This Is War” manages to be both the laid-back quick listen for wonderful escapism and the high-octane inspiration needed to get you ready for something significant.

This is due to the raps’ outstanding vocal play, which is compelling from the outset and, in fact, so unrelenting that a single listens to the three-forty four. The track is far from long enough to catch every thought and reflection.

The balance is excellent — it’s rare to get a nice break from rap vocals like this, and it’s more irregular for a piece of aggressive hip-hop music to take a moment to fit in a well-rounded, rhythmically appealing voice.

Aside from the appealing, aesthetic setup, the track’s overall structure works wonders for its general effect. Fast bars to get things started, moments of unmistakable character and dynamic, and a plethora of instrumental identities combine to create an easily recognizable, hefty summer hit for hip hop/rap music listeners all around the world.

“This Is War” appears, displaying a large amount of genre-blending as well as an identifiable, upfront, and courageously passionate vocal lead. Here, we get a new flow, exquisite vocal rhythms, and insightful raps that shed more light on Heru the First Son’s unique story.

Beautiful, pure, catchy, inspiring, honest, and outright are impressive in an oddly humble or quietly confident manner. A must-have for the coming year and beyond.

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